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100_1695 sunset at Pine cradle lake, PA

I’ve been working on a story/writing for the better part of 2 hours, mostly because I am bored and mostly because I am procrastinating doing laundry – but the reason I decided to post was this: I just realized something.

There is a big difference between writing a story, and immersing yourself in that story. Sometimes you write on the page, but you never become involved. There’s a difference between staying in the present world that you are writing, and emerging into that world, where the sights, scents and conversation is what is around you – not the hum of the fan next to your computer screen, or the traffic outside, or the typing of your hands wandering across your keyboard.

Immerse yourself into that world fellow writers. Become one with the scents, the sounds, the people. It is jarring to come back from…

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What Game of Thrones can teach creative writers about hidden context

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Source: HBO;  Margaery and Cersei walk together.

We saw it a few nights ago in the latest episode of Game of Thrones, in First of His Name. Margaery and Cersei are standing side by side, both staring out at the new King Tommen talking about King Joffrey, about the new king, about whether or not Margaery still wants to be queen. Talking about everything else than what is truly on their minds.

Game of Thrones, or more specifically, Game of Throne’s characters, presents a fine example of the importance of hidden context for creative writers.

In context:  Margaery and Cersei are having a conversation, they are talking about the troubles on hand: a recent death, a new queen and what they should do now. Margaery, is polite, beguiling, charming. She knows how to twist words to her favor, to ask a question, yet answer it in the same sentence. Meanwhile…

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A kaleidoscope of Love – show your holiday spirit!

Something I think we should all remember this holiday season!

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There’s been something on my mind lately and that is Love.

What is it exactly?

A discussion in one of my college classes about love suggested that love can be varying. We were talking mostly about the love that you feel towards someone – how someone described as being in love as a sacrifice of themselves, to be so consumed by another person, you forget who you are.

To love someone is to put that other person before you, to care that they hurt, to want to make their passage in this world as easy as possible.

So, the question on my mind is: How do you know when it’s real?

Even as I write this, I find it ironic that every other song on my Pandora station has to do with love, or even has the word in the song. Love is everywhere. It is in the very…

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What’s up buttercup? Copywriting?! Freelancing?!

This is something that I hope I can stay serious about. I really, really want to get published this year. If not by this winter, then 2014!

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Just got a notification that informed me that a year ago, I joined the wonderful world of WordPress!

Although I don’t have the thousands of admiring followers I would love to have, I’ve been thinking about the other benefits that blogging has done for me over the year:

  • Firstly, I’ve learned about blogging. Everyone has their own voice. And although I am still developing my own and learning as I go, I’ve learned it is very important to keep your posts to the point and accessible to everyone.
  • Don’t ramble if it’s not necessary and remember that everyone has the attention span of a peanut – it’s not very big.
  • Attract those readers with pictures, catchy phrases and good quality writing. Make them excited about what you’re writing, get personal with your readers.

Essentially you are selling yourself to your readers and that’s another thing I’ve learned over the year:

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A Writer’s Bucket List

Everyone has goals and aspirations, especially writers. So I thought for the start of this new blog, I would share mine. It is a difficult journey sometimes, for us writers. But if we keep writing…maybe, just maybe, we will find new heights:

bucket listThese are just a some of the accomplishments that I hope to see in the next several years! If you dream, might as well dream big! The first few are the most important to me right now: Finish a full length novel, publish to amazon, and publish some of my original short stories.

After all…

“The best and most beautiful things in the words cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” ~Helen Keller.

Just got to keep writing!